740 Vertical Spin Trimmer

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Heated blade technology Gives the container a clean neck finish. Extends life of the blade. Virtually any resin will trim in the 740. Lower capital expenditure as one machine will work on many product lines.
New redesigned blade holder Allows the blade to nest at the correct angle without a lengthy setup period. Reduced blade changeover time.
Micrometer blade adjustment Faster and higher accuracy for better bottle finish.
Digital heater control Precise temperature control providing a clean neck finish and longer blade life.
Belt guide wear strip. Increases belt life and higher productivity.
Exclusive automatic blade guard Safer and allows quicker clearing of bottles.
Heavy duty 1/2 hp drive Increased production speed.
Bottle jam detection and safety clutch drive Detects bottle mistrims for auto shutdown and auto opening of the trimmer. Clutch disengages drive before any damage can occur. Less downtime.
PLC controls with panel mounted user interface Reduces setup time and functions as a fault message panel.
Spring loaded quick change belt tensioning Reduces chance for operator error during procedure. Increased productivity.
Infeed and discharge backup photo eyes Shuts down the trimmer in the event of backup
downstream of the trimmer or upstream of the trimmer.
Audible alarm and beacon lights for detection
Faster response time from plant staff.



Dimensions Utility Requirement:
Width 39" Electrical Supply
Length 67" Voltage 240 VAC/3 Phase
Height 60" Amperage 15 AMP
Weight 1200 lbs.  

Vertical Compressed Air Supply
Height Line Size 3/8" Pipe
Range 41.5" ± 5"
Height from floor to blade
Pressure 90-100 psi

Motor Ratings: Container Range:

Trimmer 1/2 hp Containers per minute 220 (depending on size)
Blower 3 hp Min/Max neck size 1.5" - 7" 25-127 mm
Conveyor 1/2 hp Min/Max diameter 1"-4" 38-178 mm
Heater Blade Temperature 450°F (Max) Min/Max height 3"-18" 76-450 mm
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions of sale. Other options available upon request.


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