Deflashing Systems

MTM’s 4000-5000 series Deflashers feature our own, unique method of trimming flash cleanly & efficiently. Our deflash tooling is custom machined from your digital files.  This process allows us to produce the finest deflash tooling in the industry. The combination of our bottle-specific capture nests and our shear punch tooling enables our deflashing systems to cut containers precisely using less power and causing less vibration than competing systems.

We can custom design plastic bottle deflashers or a deflashing solution for virtually any container type. Our versatile and affordable single-station deflashers such as our 4000-1 can also be integrated with our 2001E and 2001D Series Takeaway Systems. The 4000 Series can be built  with as many as nine stations resulting in lines speeds well over 100 containers per minute.   The 5000 Series incorporates all of the features of the 4000 as well as chipless neck trimming and precision ID reaming and facing.  No other system in the industry integrates these functions in one unit.

MTM completes the package with a standalone detabbing station that removes the tails from the containers prior to them entering the 5000.  We offer several variations of our detabber based on the type of container and the line speed you need.

4000-1 Single Station Deflasher
Single station vertical deflash with optional trimming features for in line and hand fed applications
Click to View the 4000-1 Series Video

4000-6 Multi Station Deflasher
Vertical Multi Station Deflash, PLC controlled, and quick changeovers.
Click to View the 4000-6 Series Video

5000 Series Container Finishing and Deflashing System
Multi station vertical deflash PLC controlled unit with vacuum conveyor technology, chipless trim, facing, and reaming capabilities
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