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High Speed Servo Driven Takeaway for Aoki and Nissei

MTM Systems a division of Lectro Engineering the world wide leader in downstream blow molding equipment introduces the MTM 2006 High Speed Servo Takeaway system for Aoki and Nissei Molders.  It is the fastest most accurate takeaway available and feedback from customers with these units in place has been outstanding.

The 2006 Servo Takeaway is capable of nine second cycle times for dual row cavitation set ups. 
The drive mechanism is servo driven providing 100% accurate drops reducing downtime and improving productivity.  Operating costs are a fraction of other Aoki and Nissei takeaways and require minimal maintenance.

Standard equipment includes an ionization blower to eliminate static build up.  The vacuum conveyor system will run in reverse and is equipped with a blow off station for clearing pre forms allowing for quick start ups.  The entire package is designed for fast installation, moving the unit from one molder to another and has a plc controlled operation reducing employee interface.

For more information you can contact us at: Lectro Engineering 1643 Lotsie St. Louis, MO 63132.  By phone at 314-567-3100 or fax at 314-567-3466.









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