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Introducing Lectro's New Faster MTM 2001D Takeaway System for Bekum and Other Shuttle Blowmolders

The new MTM 2001D takeaway system is the most advanced takeaway system available today. Although designed with Bekum's "H" series in mind, our new 2001D will work great with other shuttle type blowmolders.

Features include:

  • Reduced overall motion for super-fast SUB-9 SECOND CYCLE TIMES
  • Exclusive dual gripper hand design (water cooling capable)
  • (Upgraded) Allen Bradley PLC control system
  • (Upgraded) Allen Bradley servo motion control system
  • HMI color touch screen
  • New programming allowing faster cycle times
  • (Upgraded) Convenient programming accessibility
  • Recipe system capable of 99 alphanumeric recipes
  • Self-diagnostic screen for quicker and easier troubleshooting
  • Mobile main cabinet control cart for easy startup and operation
  • Heavy Duty linear rail design
  • Multiple directional scrap conveyor
  • Fully guarded to ANSI specifications

All of the above features of Lectro's new faster MTM 2001D takeaway system add up to a servo controlled takeaway system that uses Lectro's exclusive servo driven dual gripper hand design that reduces linear motion on all servo driven moving assemblies.

We've upgraded our 2001D to Shimpo gearboxes that allow faster speed and handle more torque. They also carry a 3 year warranty, which is longer than any other gearboxes used on takeaways. Our Allen Bradley components have all been upgraded helping us reach our new faster speeds.

With 50% less motion that other systems, we can run a sub-9 second cycle time without any extra strain on our drive. This is the fastest cycle time in the industry!

Our exclusive overhead wiring duct system allows for the main power and operator panel to be mover away from the takeaway and eliminates any trip hazards from cords or cables between the main panel and the takeaway. The two are mechanically connected, but the design still allows for a 20° swing in either direction.

We also offer new shorter versions of our 2001D takeaway based on the customer needs. We can shorten the overall length by as much as 14". In some cases this is necessary to clear an adjacent blow molder. Ask us for available shorter options.

Add to the above Lectro's unparalleled service and support, along with our huge inventory of in stock parts; you have a winning combination and the best solution to your takeaway needs at a competitive price.

You will be able to see this breakthrough in technology at this year's 2018 NPE show at Lectro's booth number W1831 from May 5th through the 11rd.

For more information prior to the NPE show contact Greg Wood at 314-567-3100 or

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