Takeaways & Plastic Bottle Handling Equipment

MTM’s line of cost effective plastic bottle handling equipment includes modular takeaways, conveyor systems, and other PET line equipment, and more. We can custom configure a cost-effective answer to virtually any bottle handling challenge. Bottles remain oriented and are handled quickly and precisely, greatly eliminating waste due to damage compared to competing systems.

Our innovative 2001-Series Takeaways can be integrated into nearly any existing line, or can be purchased as part of a complete bottle finishing solution.  Our 2006 Series Bottle Handling System brings flexibility and versatility to PET stretch-blow lines.

MTM will provide tooling for any bottle handling system including those not manufactured at our facility. We can be reached via phone, fax, or email at your convenience.

2001D Takeaway
The 2001D takeaway system has been designed to increase productivity, eliminate downtime, and reduce long term operating costs. 
Click to view 2001D Takeaway Video 1
Click to view 2001D Takeaway Video 2
Click to View 2001D Improvement PDF

2006 Takeaway
Takeaway designed for Aoki and Nissei stretch blow molding machines.
Click to view 2006 Takeaway Video

2001E Takeaway
Versatile shuttle takeaway system with detab function for Bekum blow molding machines and other shuttle blowmolders.
Click to view 2001E Takeaway Video

2009 Takeaway
Designed for AOKI 250 and 500 Series Single Row Blow Molders
Click to view MTM 2009 Takeaway for AOKI 250 series single row blow molders



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