Trimming the Container

A - Spin Trimming
Neck trimming is easy with MTM patented spin trimmers. Our 720 & 730 models are portable and can be easily adjusted to trim different container sizes. For high speed production, the 740 and 2025 spin trimmers are the ideal solution with trimming speeds are the ideal solution with trimming speeds up to 400+ parts per minute. The patent pending 742R and SQ models produce quality trims at high line speeds on difficult offset neck applications for any shape container.

B - Rotary Trimming
Some containers dut to design cannot be spin trimmed. The MTM 3000 Series Chipless Trimmer is the answer. Neck are trimmed debris free while the container remains stationary. The patented 3000 Trimmer is available as a stand alone unit or as a integrated system with other functions such as detabbling, deflashing or ID reaming.

C - Deflashing
MTM 4000 Series deflashing systems can be build in vertical or horizontal bottle orientations depending on the customers needs. Using a combination of bottle specific capture nest & shear punch tooling, our removing system continues to be the industry leader.

D - Detabbing
MTM offers many different types of detabbling systems based on productions requirements. Systems include stand alone units or intergrated in to our takeaway systems and impact deflashing units. Specially designed cone chaped rotary knives ensure consistent tail removal. Our sprocket/gear based design is used for high speed and heavy duty applications.

Container Handling
MTM's takeway systems are build rugged with flexibility & safety in mind. Our 2001E can accomodate a wide range of containers & will detab your product prior to conveying it to the next station. The 2001A is a programmable takeaway deflash system that is user friendly & made for quick changeovers reducing capital equipment costs.

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